Canyon del Rio is designed and is being developed as an upscale, mixed use residential and commercial/retail community located in the heart of central Flagstaff. The project is located at the intersection of Butler Avenue and Fourth Street, in the City of Flagstaff. The current development as proposed by Canyon del Rio Investors, LLC is those portions of the Canyon del Rio property located in the southwest quadrant of Fourth Street and Butler Avenue. 


The subject property consists of approximately 270 acres of mixed use residential and commercial/retail acreage. The project contains both single family attached and detached residential, multi-family attached residential, commercial office and retail parcels. The Canyon del Rio Specific Plan zoning with accompanying Design Guidelines were approved by the Arizona State Land Department and the City of Flagstaff in 1984 and was the Specific Plan was adopted by the City of Flagstaff under Ordinance 1388.  The project is being developed pursuant to the 1984 Specific Plan and Design Guidelines, with modifications to the underlying zoning and an updating of the Design Guidelines.


The Specific Plan and Design Guidelines are being modified and updated to conform to more recent zoning regulations and to generally update the nearly thirty year old construction designs. In accordance with provisions in the Specific Plan, Canyon del Rio Investors has elected to proceed with the multi-family and single-family attached residential uses permitted for parcels G, J, N, O and P. This change in the land uses requires no Plan amendment, but does require rezoning of the above referenced parcels which were zoned in 1984 as light industrial (“I-1”) to high density residential ("HR") and medium density residential ("MR").


Canyon del Rio Investors is processing a minor plan amendment and rezoning of parcels E, F, H and K which were zoned in 1984 as light industrial (“I-1”) uses and are currently proposed to be rezoned to commercial retail and office ("HC").  The rezoning and updating of the Specific Plan is being done in conjunction with the City of Flagstaff Planning Department, whose representatives have been instrumental in directing the rezoning plan.


This website contains information in regard to the Canyon del Rio project and proposed  development plan. Included are:

  • the project introduction narrative from the neighborhood meeting, along with the meeting notes;
  • artists renderings of the proposed office and retail portions of the property;
  • the proposed zoning and property uses for the entire 270 acres, (Note: not all of the property is affected by proposed changes);
  • the master plan layout as modified through the proposed rezoning;
  • the proposed property uses based on the anticipated approval of the rezoning;

We welcome any comments from our neighbors which might help us meet the needs of the community and make the Canyon del Rio project a welcome addition to the Flagstaff community. We are excited about the future potential for the project and hope that our neighbors share our  excitement. A form is provided in the project introduction narrative section of this website which will allow you to give us your comments and suggestions in order to make this project successful and a valuable asset to the Flagstaff community.


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CANYON DEL RIO INVESTORS, LLC employs an award-winning team of architects, land developers, designers, builders and supporting staff. With our project development team, you can rest assured that this project is poised to be completed with the utmost attention to detail as a high quality mixed use residential and commercial project.

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