Proposed Uses

Parcels I, Q, R, and S are zoned for single family detached residential in accordance with the 1984 Specific Plan.  The projected lot sizes will be varied at approximately 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 and 7,500 square foot lots.  This will allow for various size homes and a reasonable range of home prices based upon the demands of the real estate market.


The zoning for parcels G, J, N, O, and P is being proposed to include single family attached (MR) and multi-family (HR) residences based upon the permitted zoning classifications as contained in the 1984 Specific Plan for these parcels.  Parcels G, N and portions of O and P are being proposed and designed for single family attached product including duplex units and possibly tri-plex units.  It will also allow for multi-story apartments.


The zoning for parcels E and K are being proposed for conversion from current zoning of Research and Development (R&D) to commercial office and retail (HC) based upon the highest and best use of the subject properties in the current market.  This conversion will require a plan amendment which is currently being proposed and processed by the City of Flagstaff.  This conversion from Research and Development (R&D) uses to commercial office and retail (HC) will allow for a mix of office uses along with community retail uses such as grocery stores, drug stores, restaurants and other retail uses.  The retail uses will be based upon the demand within the local community.

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CANYON DEL RIO INVESTORS, LLC employs an award-winning team of architects, land developers, designers, builders and supporting staff. With our project development team, you can rest assured that this project is poised to be completed with the utmost attention to detail as a high quality mixed-use residential and commercial project.

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